Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit


Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit

Have you ever wondered why you get lots of people to your website but nobody buys, nobody completes the enquiry form, nobody phones?  You invest heavily in advertising, SEO and social media  trying to get potential customers to look at your webpages but that is as far as it goes… there is poor return on investment.

The website conversion rate optimisation audit will help you determine what the problems are.  For over 15 years the team at PelaTis Online have been sorting out the issues that occur in clientswebsites.  Identify the barriers and blockages that prevent the user from carrying out their task.  Evaluating the quality of the keywords and links and finding out if they are bringing the right buying customers to your website.

What is involved in a CRO Audit?

Once we received your enquiry our team will look at your website to see if we can make a difference.  We will then contact you to establish your business objectives and customer groups.  We will also confirm the user tasks and then proceed with testing of the website based on your information.

Once completed we will contact you to arrange a feedback session for us to convey our findings and recommendations for improving the website.

How much is a CRO audit?

Our fees vary from website to website based on the number of pages, primary and secondary objectives and the number of tasks that a user is likely to have.  the number of social media feeds and the navigation of the website.

For example a 25 page website with 2 user groups and 3 user tasks will cost from £650.

What are the financial benefits of a CRO Audit?

Clients have recorded between 400% and 1,000% return on investment within 8 weeks of the completion of remedial work recommended by our report.  This has grown after the 8 weeks and continued to grow their revenue, improve the user experience and improve customer loyalty.

Where do you start?

Complete the form on the left hand side of this page or phone PelaTis Online on 01639680248.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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