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There is no point investing in a website and other digital media if nobody comes to buy.

Getting your website in front of your customers is essential for good trade.  Does it work for your customer or is it presenting barriers in their path to task completion?

Website user experience evaluation

Your online customers are looking to complete a task.  It may be the purchase of one of your products or could be to enquire about a service you provide.  If they are faced with unintended barriers, then your conversion rate from visitor to customer is reduced.

Find out more about a website user experience evaluation from PelaTis Online that will help you identify the barriers in your website. Book your confidential telephone meeting to discuss the process or get more information from Website user experience evaluation page

Search engine optimisation evaluation

Do you want more business?  Are your competitors above you in the search results for your products and services? Find out what is holding your website back with a search engine optimisation evaluation of your website.

PelaTis Online have been carrying out SEO evaluation tests on websites for over 15 years and have helped hundreds of businesses reach the top slots for search.

Get your website found by your customers by booking an SEO evaluation today and seeing what you can do to get to the top.

Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

Being found by your customers in natural search is the cornucopia of internet business.  It brings with it the traffic to your website and the sales to your business.

The process involves studying and responding to over 200 different criteria to get in the top positions of page one of search results and it’s an ongoing process.

If you want to be in front of your customers when they are looking for your products or services, then you need an experienced SEO consultant who understands the way that your customers use the internet and the language that they use.

PelaTis Online SEO consultant Nigel T Packer has been working on Search engine optimisation for over 18 years. He has seen the development and evolution of search and has successfully optimised client website in that time.

Find out more about the processes and the work that we do to help clients get in front of their customers go to the Search engine optimisation page.

Social media strategy and management

Still the new kid on the block Social media strategy determines how you engage with your customers and how you exploited the numerous social media platforms to get the best for sales and exposure.

Through study and research PelaTis Online can help you to determine the most effective strategy that extends your marketing budget to get the most from social media.

For more detailed information on the processes of social media strategy go to the Social media strategy page.

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