The website promoters’ Advent Calendar – Day 4 – What do customers buy?

Day 4 web promoters advent Calendar

Yesterday’s task was quite straight forward and was a compilation of your services or products. Today’s task is a little more complex –

What do customers buy?

This is not as straight forward as you may think. Yes, they are buying the service or the product you are offering, but we need to dig deeper to understand what customers are really buying. The best way to describe this task is to give an example

Let us take the hotel industry – what are they selling? Fundamentally the hire of a room for a night?

Now we ask the question, what are their customers buying?

There is a wide range of answers to this question and we understand the fundamentals of hiring a room but there are deeper issues relating to the customer’s perspective and perception in relation to the hotel.

Self as others see me

The customers’ self-perception is an important issue here. If budget is not a problem they want a hotel that is of high quality. The room must be of the highest standard with no expense spared. I have often stayed in 5 star hotels around the UK and Europe and they have impressive rooms and extras. In one hotel, I stayed in, I had a suite with a reception room, TV’s in every room, a balcony with an amazing view. Naturally I was not paying for the suite as it was far more than I needed for the two nights stay. I had access to their swimming pool and the use of the hotel limousine to take me to my appointments and pick me up after.

Whilst I appreciate the luxury and status of a 5-star hotel I am looking for a good night’s sleep. So, all the extras are not needed for my particular purposes as I rarely have time to take advantage of them.

When I am away on business I look for a comfortable hotel that is local to my appointments and as long as there is a comfortable bed, Wi-Fi, a restaurant and private car park I am happy.  But I am only one type of customer.

Look at your products/services and select one of the customer personas you have developed who would buy that service or product. Work out why they would buy it and write a list. Think about their status and how they see themselves and how they perceive others see them.

Don’t stop on the first product or service. You should do this for all the things that you sell.

Can we help?

Being inside a business, it is often hard to see it from the customer’s perspective. You know where everything is and how it all works but an outsider does not know how your business operates and the supply chain of your company works. They will have their own ideas and often they conflict with your own. By understanding the customer’s perspective, you are able to create a path for them to achieve their task and complete it on your website.

I have facilitated many meetings with clients to help them see things from the customers perspective giving a customer’s eye view of the service or product that is on offer.

If you would like assistance for your company, please contact PelaTis Online on 01639680248.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.

About the Author

Nigel T Packer

After 23 years working in electronics, production and mechanical engineering fields Nigel has spent the last 18 years working in the field of business development specifically on the internet.

Being at the start of the digital economy, Nigel has adapted and applied the principles of business development to the rapidly changing scene of the internet. With it the creation of new business models that work for clients had been his objective.

An author and digital business speaker his book “Getting a website that works for your business” has helped hundreds of SME business owners understand the principles of online success.

Today Nigel runs a digital consultancy PelaTis Online Ltd an independent eBusiness consultancy working with retail, manufacturing and service businesses. His insights and understanding of the way the internet works and the direction it is going in makes him the go to consultant for online business success.




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