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No matter how good your website is, if it cannot be found by customers then it will not get sales.

The Internet High Street

Just like any city or town shopping centre, the internet is a vast high street of shops and news agents vying for customers and the contents of their wallets.  Publishing your retail website is only the first step in the process of getting sales and trade.

The excitement of seeing your online shop appear when you type the address into the search bar.  The thrill of the first sale and the payment appears in your bank account.  Now is not the time to rest.

You are in the biggest high street there is and if your shop is a long way down the road then it is likely to be missed by the spending shopper.

How do you move your shop along the road to get closer to the buyers?  What should you do to get your website in front of the customers who are eager to buy your products?

Website Findability in Search Engines

In the early years of the internet and search engines this was an easy task as there were only a few criteria for getting found.  As time has passed this has become a much more complex project as we see the search engines alter their rules to make sure that the right results appear in search.  Today some 20 years since the advent of the search engine there are over 200 rules controlled by AI and algorithms.

Creating an internet business is not just a short-term exercise, it is a long-term investment that becomes mission critical to any business.  The better the website does the more sustainable the business becomes.

To succeed, in the fast-moving world of the internet, you must make the investment. Quietly to start then ramp it up as the business starts to make progress.

Yes, you can spend 10 years researching and learning the skills required to make your website stand out and make it to the hallowed positions of page one in the results.

Training and digital skills

Getting your team rowing in the same direction with bespoke training will increase your success rate considerably.  With each member working in the team to get your business website found at the top of the search engines is a small investment to make considering the rewards that an optimised website can achieve for the business.

Website Findability Training

With all training we start with your customers.  If you don’t understand them, their motivations and why they buy then you cannot sell to them.

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