Search Engine Optimisation training

Search engine optimisation training

Search engine optimisation training (SEO training) is the route to the top of the search engines.  Identifying the keywords and phrases that your customers are typing into the search box to find your products and services is essential to your business success.

This two-day masterclass on search engine optimisation will enable your team to develop search friendly pages of content to take your business to the top of the search que.

SEO training benefits

The Search engine optimisation training course will directly improve:

  • Your ranking in the search engines
  • The conversion of visitors into paying customers
  • Increase your online sales
  • Generate more leads
  • Uplift online profits

What is in Search engine optimisation training?

Over the two days, your team will develop skills that will enable them to carry out your search engine optimisation on your website and online content.  Areas covered include:

  • Setting objectives and key performance indicators
  • Develop personas for different customer groups
  • Identify what you sell and what your customers buy
  • Understand the language of the customer
  • Enable your team to carry out keyword and key phrase research
  • Identify commercial key phrases (The words that sell)
  • Understand search engine criteria
  • Format content for effective SEO and easy reading.
  • Managing SEO in your content management system
  • Understand your website Analytics and tracking
  • Plan and start the process of search engine optimisation for your website

Your bespoke SEO training course

All courses are bespoke and developed for the needs of your business.  Unlike generalist courses these masterclasses will enable your team to action their learning during the course and straight away after.

Where is the course delivered?

All courses are delivered at your premises.  We will travel to your company and deliver the training to your team reducing interference time in their work.

How much is the search engine optimisation training course?

The two-day Masterclass is delivered via online live training over four sessions for teams of up to 6 students via Skype or Zoom.

The SEO training fees are £1000 for the bespoke class

Your next step to mastering SEO

Call us now on 07989300264 to discuss dates and times.

Your SEO trainer

Nigel T Packer is a time served internet marketing strategist and trainer who has been delivering a wide range of internet promotion courses to individuals, company teams and universities for the last 16 years.

He is a practitioner trainer, bringing insights and real world experience to your search engine optimisation.  He spends many hours’ researching your business, the sector you work in and your customers’ needs and tasks before delivering your bespoke course.  This enables him to make the content of the course pertinent to your customers, your team and your business.

During the two days of the course he will empower your team to take over the development and delivery of your website’s search engine optimisation.

Ongoing support is also available after the course to help your team continue developing their SEO skills.

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