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Bespoke Digital Customer Experience Training

Have you ever attended a training course expecting it to help you develop the skills in your business?  Have you been disappointed to find out it helps another type of business?  You must adapt what you have learned in the course to suit your business needs.

A different approach to training.


Our approach to digital customer experience training is different.  We at PelaTis Online, want you, you’re marketing and sales teams to learn the skills that achieve your needs and business goals.

Your bespoke training program.

After an initial Scoping or ideation meeting, our digital customer experience training course development team will identify your business goals and objectives, look at the skills needed to achieve these and build a training program that will bring all your teams together to take your business forward.   

Training delivery.

We come to you. At your offices or a suitable venue near your business.  This reduces cost, interruption and your teams will be able to action their learning directly from the training.

Your Investment.

Each one-day course is £1500. This includes the initial meeting, bespoke course development and delivery for up to 12 persons. Subsequent delivery of the same course to another part of your team will be £950.  Travel, accommodation, and subsistence expenses will be at cost.

Your trainer.

Our lead trainer is a practioner trainer, he does what he teaches. 

Nigel T Packer has 25 years of learning, practice, and delivery of our courses. He has seen the comings and goings of the internet and all the methodologies that have risen and fallen over the entirety of the commercial internet.

One of his most quoted truths is “Walk in the shoes of your customers, and you will feel the pain of their journey.”  He is customer centric in his approach to all the skills required for excellence in Digital Customer Experience. You can learn more about Nigel T Packer in our business speaker page.

What next?

As a business owner, HR director or Marketing manager, you want your people to be happy in their work.  Give them the skills and take away the worry they experience when asked to perform a task that is new to them.

A knowledgeable and informed team is a happy team.  Give them the skills they seek to do a better job for you.

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Initial meeting

Together we will map out your business objectives, identify target customer groups, broadcast media, platforms and key performance indicators.

Training course development​

From our notes our course development team will create the training course that will deliver all the skills your team needs to achieve your business objectives.

Training delivery

Training days will be at your business headquarters or a suitable venue near to you. This keeps your teams close and ready to put their learning into practice.

Follow up​

After the course is delivered we will not abandon you. Your team will have a month to ask further questions. If they don't, we will check in with their progress.

Course Specialisms

These are some of the essential subject areas we will cover in your bespoke digital customer experience training course.  They are the building blocks of success for your teams and your business. 

Customer Personas

How can you engage your customers if you don't know anything about them? Your customer personas will be created during this session of your teams training.


Posting your content to the right platforms are the touchpoints your customers will discover. Starting them on their journey to your enquiry form or checkout.

Customer Journey Mapping

From touchpoint to checkout, each step of your customers journey, can be planned and created so they don't get lost on their path to task completion.

Data Analysis

Does it work? Analysing your data, feedback and customer reviews to check the performance of your work.

Content Creation

Articles, images, videos, and conversations you create must engage, inform and excite your customers to continue their journey to your checkout.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you don't optimise your content for search then you will miss the customers that are already looking for your products and services.

Your Digital Customer Experience Training

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