Internet marketing reviews and testimonials

The following internet marketing reviews and testimonials have received by PelaTis Online for consultancy, training and implementation of our services to our clients.

We’re very proud of how we’ve helped our clients to digital business success and always pleased when people say positive or complimentary things about us.

“Professional, fast, thorough are the 3 key words that immediately spring to mind . It’s amazing how a fresh pair of eyes can find improvement! The analysis provided from this outside perspective I’m sure will prove to be worthwhile. Looking ahead, and once we have implemented the recommended changes we hope to see both an increase in traffic to our website as well as an increase in conversion rates. I’ll definitely suggest/recommend you in the future! Thank you.”

Louise White, Marketing, Communications and Logistics Manager at Leopard3

“I find Nigel very easy to work with. He makes his points well and backs them up with relevant experience, and he engages and motivates everyone in the process. In a short space of time we have gained a great deal of useful guidance and information from Nigel to help direct our business and will be going back for more.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants see this on linkedin

 “Nigel understands business objectives , time- lines and critical components of the business and market .His insight is very impressive and I would highly recommend .

Great marketer and achiver of objectives  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Michael Pruchnie, Director at Semfa International Ltd  see this on linkedin

“Hired Nigel for an internet marketing course to aid my understanding of building websites that work and get better results. Nigel was a great speaker and the three day course was well structured and very interesting, i would highly recommend Nigel for anyone that would like to see their business make more of an impact online.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

James Tandy, RE Plant Hire see this on linkedin

“What Nigel doesn’t know about Web Site performance is not worth knowing. He is enthusiastic and gives great, practical advice. I would speak to Nigel before starting any web based project.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

John Marshall, Sales Director at Semaphore (Cardiff) Limited see this on linkedin

“I have previously worked on a number of projects with Nigel and would happily recommend his consultancy and training services to anyone looking to market either goods or services via the internet.

Nigel has years of experience as a business mentor as well as an Internet marketing consultant and has previously written a book on this subject called “Internet Marketing How to Get a Website that Works for Your Business” that I would suggest as a great starting point for anyone looking to make better use of the internet to promote there business.”

Patrick Bond, see this on linkedin

“I have known Nigel for several years and appreciate his work in the field of Internet marketing.

His approach to website design is dynamic, creative and efficient and his advice is precise, professional and appropriate.

I can strongly recommend him for designing, auditing, boosting or/and marketing your website
He is also an extremely good speaker, able to motivate any audience!

Catherine Granell.” Catherine GRANELL (Priv.), Director, CG Traduction & Interprétation, Paris see this on linkedin

 “Nigel has been a fount of knowledge and a source of support for many years. He has an in depth knowledge of his subject and is able to transfer this knowledge clearly and effectively to his clients.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Michael Voyle see this on linkedin

“Nigel has the great ability to speak to his clients on their own level, which is particularly appreciated by someone like myself who is not at all knowledgeable regarding IT, and can easily feel intimidated by technical experts. He has always proved reliable, helpful and very pleasant, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to companies large or small.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Julie Williamson see this on linkedin

 “Nigel is a passionate about his work and promotes the internet in a different way” Top qualities: Personable, On Time, Creative

 Roy J Thomas, Director at The Public Trust Partnership see this on linkedin

“Nigel gave us great advice on what not to do with our website, we are now in the process of having a “proper” one done!” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Denise Jones see this on linkedin

 “Nigel provided excellent advice which helped resolve a website issue.”

Andrew Selby, General Manager, Georgia Pacific see this on linkedin

“THE Group has worked with Nigel several times. He has supplied internet marketing support to our business and actually delivered training on our behalf. In each facet of work Nigel has proved to be a highly valued partner and he delivers an excellent service. Nigel is clearly an expert in his field and his advise and guidance have assisted THE Group considerably. Nigel offers very thought provoking information and I highly recommend his services.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Mike Scott see this on linkedin

 “… I am always very impressed with Nigel’s first class communication skills and sense of humour. Nigel is a very confident individual and extremely knowledgeable in his business and his coaching.

Nigel is a very friendly person and is always willing to offer his help. I would strongly recommend Nigel to any company for his surperb skills.”

Robert Clarke, Robert Clarke Life Coach, Robert Clarke Life Coachsee this on linkedin

“The courses we took with Nigel were very informative and Nigel made them easy to understand for the people on the course with minimal IT Knowledge and included them at every opportunity. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel to other colleagues or Companies.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Mike Matthews, RE Plant Hire see this on linkedin

“The independent evaluation of our website has enabled us to see the way our website users engage with our website.  The direct easy to understand way in which Nigel and Lorna explained each part of the process from identifying user needs to paths to task completion helped us establish barriers and blockages in our site making it easy to make changes.  It is a pity that we did not do this before we launched the site. I would recommend that if you are serious about online business then have an evaluation of your site.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

John Macaulay, General Manager Yacht Division at Amlin PLC see this on linkedin

“Nigel proved to be an excellent choice, when we needed expert SEO advice. He covered web design, useability and content with flair, helping us to improve our website’s rankings and look at new ways to offer our readers quality content.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Natalie Phillips see this on linkedin

“Over several commissions, we are now starting to reap the benefits from Nigel’s excellent work. His expert knowledge of the subject and infectious enthusiasm for success, is impressive.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Steve Benbow, Partner at Video Wales see this on linkedin

“Nigel does an excellent job of revealing to marketers what should be blindingly obvious, that web sites should meet the needs of customers, not designers. He goes back to basics and that’s where many companies need to be, before they start worrying about more sophisticated social media strategies. His book is refreshingly jargon-free and is an excellent introduction to the subject.” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Richard Houdmont FCIM DipM Chartered Marketer see this on linkedin

 “Nigel and I worked together in a training capacity subcontracted to provide training workshops for businesses in Carmarthenshire. Nigel’s understanding of his topic is breath taking, If ever I need some advise on eMarketing then this guy is who I phone. A true gent and expert in his field.”

Matthew Anderson, Owner, Anderson Affiliates see this on linkedin

“Nigel comes very highly recommended.

In my arrogance I thought that my website was good, however, after speaking to Nigel I realised it was anything but. He showed me that there were many problems with the site, and demonstrated the reasons why. He told me what steps I need to take to optimize the site to the greatest effect for both user and search engine.

Nigel is certainly an expert in his field and extremely knowledgable.

The review was both informal and very valuable, and I was very happy with the service provided. I am certainly taking his advice on how to improve my site, and have already started working on this.

Nigel T Packer is also the author of a book on Internet Marketing, which, after reading, I can thoroughly recommend.”

Bob Parker, Bakery consultant, BTS International see this on linkedin

“Nigel T Packer is undoubtedly one of the best conference speakers I have encountered and runs a mean workshop too. He is thorough in his preparation and gets down to the detail of a particular market.

I could not recommend him more highly – in fact, I have already passed on his details to colleagues around Europe where he has presented at conferences to international audiences.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Geoffrey Bowden, Association of Translation Companies

“Nigel is an engaging speaker and a knowledgeable expert in his field. I attended his recent seminar on business websites, which was very interesting and provided lots of food for thought.

Also got a copy of Nigel’s book “Internet Marketing: How to Get a Website that Works for Your Business” which is a very readable overview of the subject and an excellent primer for anyone looking to redevelop their business site.”

Steve Devereux, Marketing at Wendy Hopkins Family Law Practice LLP see this on linkedin

“Nigel is not only excellent at his craft and a real pleasure to work with – he also has the rare ability to make you become passionate about internet marketing as well!” Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative see this on linkedin

Linda Diggory

“I have found Nigel to be very helpful and keen to advise and assist me in improving my e-marketing and web presence. As a small business it is good to have thisspecialist help.” Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Julia Brooker, Artist see this on linkedin

“Nigel ran a few courses for the British Marine Federation on how to get the most effectiveness from websites. I attended one myself, he delivered the course very personably and it was well crafted for the diverse audience” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Hayley James, Head of Member Relations at British Marine Federation see this on linkedin

“Following a very successful Web Marketing course run by Nigel via the British Marine Federation we decided to request a one to one consultancy day with him to review our new website.

We were very impressed that Nigel & Lorna had spent time prior to our meeting reviewing our current & new website which meant that the time was fully utilized in achieving our goals for the day.

We had an extremely useful discussion on how we could improve & optimise our new site & came away with a very clear idea on the changes we needed to make. Their infectious enthusiastic & professionalism was very refreshing & we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Marie-Louise Rogers, Aquafax Ltd
International Distributors Of Marine & Industrial Equipment

“Nigel’s enthusiasm for internet marketing is truly infectious. He has very good knowledge of the sector and has written an excellent book on internet marketing. It’s easy to digest and is very much focussed on the bottom line which is creating revenue for the client. Nigel is also a quick thinker and is constantly coming up with good ideas to help us and our clients. He’s been a great asset to our agency with his knowledge of search engine optimisation and usability. The effect he has on our client’s turnover once he gets involved is usually quick and very impressive.”

Jason Gill, Account Director, Peter Gill & Associates see this on linkedin

“His easy to understand interpretation of the technical issues gave me a greater understanding of what the website was all about for my business.  This enabled me to approach the improvements of my website with confidence.  Using his optimisation techniques we have established ourselves at the top of Google for our main search terms resulting in continued growth for our business.  If you ever have the chance to see Nigel speak don’t miss it.”

Sarah Rhoads, Owner, The Virtual Office Secretary

“Nigel T Packer is an expert in his field of getting the best results from your Internet Marketing strategy, Nigel has been able to provide advice on all aspects of our internet marketing including website usability, SEO, and general marketing. I would highly recommend Nigel and also advise you to read his book!” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Chris Pavett, Valley Accountants see this on linkedin

“Our past experiences of working with Nigel has definitely played a significant part in our recent decision to establish a brand new online booking agency for holiday cottages in Wales. With tremendous insight and guidance from Nigel and Lorna we managed to create a website that now out performs its competitors and constantly appears at the top of search engines.

This experience gave us the tools, the understanding and the belief to start our own business and in the first month of trading, we’ve already had over 5,000 people visiting our website, www.bestofwales.co.uk. Crucially, these visitors are also purchasing our holiday cottages, all around Wales.”

Llion Pughe, Best of Wales Ltd

“Nigel provided an excellent, professional service.” Service Category: Writer/Editor
Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Judith Mitchell, Editor, Constable and Robinson Publishers see this on linkedin

“T.H.E. Group has worked with Nigel on a number of occasions. He is clearly a leader in his field, extremely knowledgeable and understands how to provide practical solutions that help organisations to transform their internet marketing. Nigel is also an excellent trainer and communicator, who is able to impart knowledge in a way that is well received, followed up and directly causes effective actions that lead to improved business results.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Mike Scott, T.H.E Group  see this on linkedin

We’ve had two website diagnostic sessions at different times during the development of the Welsh for Adults website. The first one gave us a great insight into what we needed to do to improve not only the website but the all important web presence. It also gave us the specialist back up we needed to reinforce our case for a new website, which we soon secured. 

The second diagnostic was held during the development stages of the new website. Armed with a better understanding of how to brief the designers from the early stages, the second session was used specifically to fine-tune the new website to maximise search engine optimisation. We now regularly come up at the top of search engines, even with the most general key words such as ‘learn Welsh’ and ‘Welsh courses’. A lot of this success is down to the comprehensive advice and support received during the development stages.

Many thanks, or should we say, diolch yn fawr,

Gareth Mahoney, Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan Welsh for Adults Centre

“Nigel Packer was recommended to me by Peter Gill & Associates to work alongside the company on a new website project. Nigel is a very experienced internet marketing specialist and has been instrumental in helping to move this project forward. The new website is yet to launch, but I expect – through Nigel’s expertise – very promising results. It is nice to work alongside someone who shares a similar passion for business and internet marketing.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Sarah Cleevely, Nolan uPVC Ltd  see this on linkedin

“I have known Nigel for a number of years and have come to admire and respect the enthusiasm that he has for both his job and for business in general. His book, ‘How to get a website that works for your business’ demonstrates that enthusiasm along with his breadth of experience. Nigel is relentless, almost evangelical in his promotion of good practice but genuine I believe in his desire to see it work for small business”

Steve Marshall, Business Development Manager,
City and County of Swansea 

“Is your web site working for you? If you can truthfully answer this your business is doing okay. I thought my website was pretty good and providing the necessary information required, until I spoke to Nigel T it was then I realised the gaps and the target audience information was not up to scratch. I spoke to Nigel T and spent some time with him, he is very knowledgeable and passes the information in a way that I could easily understand and act upon. If you want a health check on your site speak to Nigel T. I did and I will reap the benefits.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Stephen Gallagher, 888-Group Ltd  see this on linkedin

“Nigel T Packer is an excellent trainer who provides good quality training courses in Web Marketing for the members of our federation. His knowledge of the subject is vast and his enthusiasm, helpfulness and friendliness second to none. I highly recommend Nigel to anybody looking to improve their website.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Liv Whetmore, British Marine Federation see this on linkedin

“… Nigel is one of only two people I’ve encountered with genuine insight into how to improve a website’s performance both in search engines and through site user experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nigel to provide clear, insightful and effective advice on improving your web presence.”
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Claire France, Western Horizon Yachts Ltd see this on linkedin

“Nigel is extremely capable and articulate and has helped us understand how to get the best out of our internet marketing. I can thoroughly recommend his book, Internet Marketing – quite the best I’ve read on the subject”

Justin Lusty, Business author and consultant Founder, realstartups.com see this on linkedin

“Nigel is an enthusiastic businessman who cares about his clients. His ethos is that your business is his business and will work hard to achieve your goals. He comes highly recommended!”

Sue Powell-Reed, Owner, Vibe TV.TV Ltd see this on linkedin

“I have known and worked with Nigel over a number of years, and confirm that his expertise in the e-business and e-marketing areas is second to none. Nigel has worked in delivering courses and lectures on these subjects, and his presentations are always extremely well received by his audience. I have worked with Nigel on individual client company assignments, and again his expertise has greatly benefited the e-marketing strategies of these businesses; and particularly in the area of websites and their optimisation. I would whole heartedly recommend to my clients that they engage with Nigel, and benefit from his expert opinion.”

Colin Lucas, Business Facilitator Regional Manager, Xenos see this on linkedin

“Nigel and his company provide services that give your business the edge when it comes to attracting people to your website, making sure they get the information they need, ensuring the experience is beneficial and that most important of aspects for all of us… securing business! Read Nigel’s book – How to Get a Website That Works for Your Business – it is full of useful information and is written in a very easy to read but professional and informative way.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Roy Allkin, Wolfstone Translation Ltd see this on linkedin

“Nigel is well known in Swansea for his strong skills at getting the maximum number of visitors to business web-sites. His skill at identifying the target market and suitable methods of site promotion are born from strong training, good research and sixth sense. I am happy to recommend Nigel to my own clients.”

Keith Poulton see this on linkedin

“I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel T Packer. He has provided business advice to Kim Marks PR on several occasions and I have always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and efficient in all his dealing with my business.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Kim Marks, Kim Marks Public Relations see this on linkedin

“Nigel wrote a comprehensive report for us that was informative and delivered on time.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Gary Walpole, Director, LMW, Cardiff Business School  see this on linkedin

“Having worked with Nigel on several occasions, notably when he provided training to myself and the business club that I run, I have found him to be engaging and personable and that he provides useful and challenging content and ideas.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Warren Fauvel, FauvelKhan see this on linkedin

“Nigel’s knowledge within the industry is superb and he can meet the needs of all businesses with his expertise, knowledge, business awareness and excellent skillssupporting business markets with the best of the best” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Robert Howarth, Business Consultant

“Nigel is a great ideas man. He will look at your business and tell you what he thinks, warts and all. He’ll then tell you how he can help you with special ointments to get rid of the warts! I have known Nigel professionally and personally for around 10 years and his advice and guidance have been at times crucial. But more than this it is his ability to understand you, your customers and your market that makes everything tick.”Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Garath Williams, Bay Telecoms Ltd see this on linkedin

“I have just watched a presentation by Nigel at West Berkshire Business Club, very interesting, well presented, this chap knows his stuff! If you need anyone to do a presentation for you I should contact him.”

Tony www.ecademy.com

“I wanted to thank you for the talk you gave to the Bristol Branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing on e-marketing.  Not only was is one of our best attended events this year – demonstrating the topicality of the subject – but we also had very good feedback from the event. 

Delegates obviously liked the lively presentation and your relaxed style, and you gave them plenty of tips and techniques for them to take away, providing them with something tangible of value from the evening.  As discussed, I would be interested in talking to you further about other e-marketing/e-business related events for the CIM for next year’s programme.”

Rachel Wheatley, Head of Marketing

Presentation for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Cardiff
14th July 2009

“Many thanks again for your contribution, as you will see from the feedback the event was well received, of those who expressed an opinion 100% would recommend the event to others.  It’s clear that this is a topic to which we shall have to return.”

Richard Houdmont, Director for Wales, CIM

Comments received from delegates:

  •  Many thanks for the great presentation this morning I took away a lot of ideas and thoughts that I am now putting into practice.
    Emma Gould, Terram Ltd
  •  I very much enjoyed your presentation (and style of presenting) at yesterday’s CIM event.
    Dr Gavin Davies CChem, MRSC, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, Marketing Manager, Markes International Ltd.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday.
    Pauline Lomax, Marketing Officer, Howell’s School, Llandaff, GDST
  • Thank you for the interesting and interactive presentation that you gave yesterday, I really enjoyed it.
    Emma-Jane Gwen, Communications Officer – Teacher Education Services – International Baccalaureate
  • Tuesday was a very interesting morning and time well spent. I’m already looking at my notes
    Siân Griffiths Marketing Manager / Rheolwr Marchnata Ufi / Learndirect Cymru
  • A personal thank you for all of your presentations yesterday, I found the whole morning really useful.
    Mell Tymm, Brand Manager BBI Healthcare Ltd / Cedar Health
  • I very much enjoyed your session and will be purchasing a copy of your book as a follow up.
    Kind Regards
    Debbie Keogh, Sales and Marketing Manager – Derwen Aggregates Ltd 
  • Many thanks for providing an interesting and insightful presentation.
    Tania Richards
    Pathway Support Manager, Cardio Respiratory Medicine, Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport
  • Very thought provoking!
    Mrs Joanne Stark, Marketing Manager, SIG Specialist Construction Products
  •  Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation
    Nicola Smith, Principal Tourism Officer, Monmouthshire County Council

“Thank you again for your contribution to the AmperSAND events programme which gave our delegates another chance … following on from your presentation the previous year.  We received good feedback again from the delegates … among the comments were the following:

  • Excellent speaker
  • Engaging speaker, interesting points, no jargon
  • Excellent presentation – first class transfer of knowledge
  •  Though provoking
  • Interesting speaker with good opportunities for interaction

Thanks again and no doubt we will be having you back again next year for another in the series on e-marketing and promotion.”

Felicity Blastland, SAND Director, Swansea Metropolitan University

“I would like to take this opportunity to that you for running the recent workshop on behalf of the Carmarthenshire Chamber.  It was an excellent event and is something the Chamber valued and will replicate in the future.

The feedback from our members who attended the session was very positive and they all found the content of your workshop and your delivery of the subject to be very clear, informative and entertaining.  As you know, we have since had several requests for us to arrange a follow on workshop …”

Barry Hale, CEO Carmarthenshire Chamber

We were very impressed with the last diagnostic and were hoping that we could book another one with you to analyse the new website before it goes live… d’you have a few dates available …

British Marine Federation, the trade association for the Leisure Boating Industry in the UK, is delighted to be working with Nigel T Packer to provide Web Marketing training for our members.  We are keen to ensure that our members have access to top quality training in this area.

In today’s market place, Nigel provides valuable information and advice on how to improve a website and make it work for customers, thus improving the performance of your company.  His experience on this subject is vast and, coupled with an infection enthusiasm, this course is excellent.”

Liv Whetmore, British Marine Federation

“What a pleasure it was to meet you both yesterday and feel confident that I was listening to people who really knew what they were talking about…thank you once again, it was an afternoon really well spent.”

“My company’s new site has now been live two weeks in that time we have generated good quality appointments from the site as a result of having good ranking positions on the site engines for the majority of our keyword combinations.

The business we have wrote from the site in the last two weeks is 15% more than we had achieved in the previous 3 years on our original site.

As well as using your skills to write the code for the site to maximise customer searches, your ability to ask the questions that matter most to customers & then intelligently drop those questions in to the content of the site has given us a product that has increased our profile more than any public relations campaign would.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future …”

Simon Steward, Anglia roofline

Comments and feedback from delegates on workshops and seminars

“Brilliant, very informative”

S Fritche

“Great Seminar! Lots of useful information gleaned this evening”

Darren Pullin

“Excellent and v though provoking but still well structured and good delivery.  Thank you very much!”

N Stewart, Shire Cruisers

“Overall, very very good.”

Liz Evans, Marketing Solutions

“Very Approachable & Helpful”

Gillian Hocking

“Excellent course.  Extremely informative and very useful and pitched as to not dazzle the technophobes”

Helen Pritchard

“Enjoyed the method of delivery and the presentation”

PG Harris

“Well explained and structured…”

AD Kibby, McCann Erickson

“All of it! – back to basics yet clear, useful, actionable”

Barbara Hollyhead, International Marketing Manager

“Spoke at a level which I felt was appropriate.  He didn’t avoid technical issues, but didn’t use too much jargon.  Clear concise and interesting”

Emma Garland

“Enthusiasm; relevant; many techniques…”

Stuart White, Consultant, Trimedia Harrison Cowley

“Specific techniques to save time and/or money…”

Brian Potter, Director, Business Expansion Consultants Ltd

“Introduction to ‘new for me’ subject”

Anare Korynevsky, European Sales Director, Cooper Tire Ltd

“A lot of ground covered”

Mark Jennings, Business Development  Manager, Bartec Auto Id Ltd

“An excellent trainer/presenter who made complete sense of a subject that can cause total technical blindness!  Excellent and very enjoyable.”

Lesley Audley, Marine Matters.

“Where can you start, it was all Good,”

Mark McArdle, Director, Blue Light Healthcare Ltd

“Interaction with group, clearly spoken and passionate.”

Tim McVea, Swansea University

“Speaker found out about our businesses beforehand and was able to apply theory to business.”

“Tailor Made – good examples and approachable”

Mags Walters, Visit Carmarthenshire

“Very motivating speaker” 

Ruth O’Malley Marketing Manager, National Wetland Centre

“Eye opening what the technology can do and how it works.”

Kevin H Thomas Director, F&T Refrigeration Ltd

“Nigel was excellent, holding interest at all times.”

Lesley Audley, Marine Matters.

“All Interesting,”

Raymond Jones, Marketing Solutions

“Real Examples / Interaction.”

Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director, Codel Software Ltd

“Pace, content, delivery, relevance, immaculate”

Richard Jackson, Business Development Manager, Barclays Bank


Matthew Norman, Director, Creative in Colour Ltd

“Plain easily understood language.”

Jeff Lane, Area Manager, Barclays Bank.


Craig Toutt, Totalcare Osteopathic clinic

“Very Informative all through.”

Sue Jones, South Wales Heating


“Interesting + entertaining presentation”

Loretta Cuoghi, Marketing Co-ordinator, Harken

“Content – There wasn’t a time when I ‘zoned-out’ at all – given in a very interesting + informal way”

Joanna Vaughn, Marketing Manager, Griffon Hoverwork

“Clear, enthusiastic, relevant delivery”

E J Ackroyd, Marketing Manager, Precision Group

“All of it was excellent”

John Wells, Director, Claymore Canal Holidays

“Getting focused on the website + getting motivated to improve it”

Katie Hanicon-Hills, Office Manager, Sunseeker Charter

“The delivery of a sometimes confusing subject in a clear, entertaining way”

Emma White, Marketing Manager, Oceanair Marine Ltd

“Interactive – Made relevant to my business”

Michelle Figden, Partner, The Antique Chair Company

“Relating the topics to each individual business”

Victoria Hocker, Director, RochellaLoves.com

“Stimulating my thinking in an area I know little about”

Yueline Hands, Chief Executive, Crossroads Care North Wales

“Enjoyed it all”

Mark Eason

“Easy speaking made it enjoyable”

Andrew Walton, Director, Ashby Boat Co.

“The general guidance was inspiring – Thank You”

Andy Trickett, Sales Manager, Kudos Software Ltd

“The speaker & his ability to make it all sound so fun + interesting”

Jennie Trevithick, PA, Naylor Yacht Harbour

“Entertaining – for what could be a boring day”

Andrew Coreless, Director, John Freeman Sales Ltd


Norman Brown, Managing Director, Tennemast Ltd

“Presenters style + content of presentation (info)”

Alun Hughes, Recruiting Manager, North Wales Police

“All interesting & relevant”

Pam Roberts, Training Officer, North Wales NHS Trust

“The Speaker! Lots of useful info that can be implemented immediately”

Jacqui Critchley, Project & Operations Manager, Learning to Inspire

“Excellent presentation – very informative – lots of ideas to take back”

Elaine Roberts, Business Development Manager, Learning to Inspire

“All interesting”

Martyn Childon, Partner, Monkey Motion

“Clear communication & enjoyable”

, Director, T.H.E. Group Ltd
“All of it”

Susan Hughes, Contract Manager, Wrexham County Borough Council 

“Found it all useful”

Melanie Baker, Online Marketing Manager at Audiences Wales

“Enjoyed the method of delivery and the presentation”

P.G Harris

“An informative & well delivered seminar, Nigel was light & enjoyable to listen to”

Andrea Barber

“Learnt a lot – thanks!”

Dr H Jones

“Found the course very informative and interesting”

Sarah E Williams

“Learnt loads. Plenty of practical points made. Points made were well explained. Enjoyable, interesting and want to put what I learned into practice. Thank You

B V Applegate

“Not long enough!”

Richard Jackson, Business Development Manager, Barclays Bank

“Excellent course. Extremely informative + very useful+ pitched as to not dazzle the technophobes”

Helen Pritchard


Steve Bain

“It was all good!”

Rob White, Director, Western Horizon Yachts Ltd

“It was interactive + entertaining”

Ben Coates, Trinity University

“Covered a lot of interesting points for consideration”

Jayne Sparks, Pirart

“Clear & enthusiastic”

Alice Evans, Spinner, Weaver, Designer

“The speaker was engaging, clear and able to be relevant to interest everyone, open body and facial language, Jargon less!”

Danala Beasley

“Information was presented in a straightforward way which was fairly simple – have found previous seminars I’ve attended have been to complicated to understand”

Michael Burridge, Recrafted

“Drawing attention to customers/visitors needs”

Jeanne Gwynne, FARMtastic Women[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]