Sent to inspire others and I’m the one who is inspired…

Studentspresenting their innovations

For the last 16 years I have been a Dynamo role model, working with Big Ideas Wales going into Schools, Colleges and Universities speaking to pupils and students about starting and running their own business.

Over the years I have spoken to over 10,000 students about my journey and the ups and downs of my craft.  From my first business at the age of 12 to my current business helping others succeed on the internet.

I do not expect everyone to become an entrepreneur and I do not expect everyone to take onboard some of the insights into life that I share, but if I have been able to inspire some of these young people along the way then I feel the work has been worthwhile.

It appears that I have been doing a decent job over the years as my feedback forms from the audiences have been excellent.

Unlike teachers I am there for an hour or so.  There is rarely a follow up to see if they have taken onboard and expedited their dreams of starting a business.  The lead time from my presentation and the realisation of starting a business is many years.

Are all young people bad?

One of the colleges I visit regularly is Coleg Sir Gar in West Wales.  Their Gelli Aur campus is an agricultural college drawing in students from across the region.  Some travelling up to 2 hours to get to and from their classes.

These are the young people who get little recognition for their efforts with main stream media focusing on the disruptive elements in youth society giving the impression that all young people are lazy and not interested in their futures.  If you could see the efforts and work that these agricultural students put into their work and the dedication of their lecturers in supporting their work, it puts a new perspective on youth culture.

Each year I attend to discuss aspects of innovation, intellectual property and business start-up with them.  Many go on to get very good jobs or work on the family farm to improve the business.

Who inspires who?

I drive away from my lectures with the students inspired and grateful that there is hope for the future.  These students will become leaders, the employers of the future.

If any journalist is reading this missive of mine, then I hope they will consider doing some research into the young people who are making a difference and do an article focusing on the good in young people.  They are not all bad.

I for one am always inspired by the efforts and ingenuity of the students here in west Wales and those who strive for success in other parts of the country. They need to have the spotlight put on them to provide hope for other young people.

About the Author
Nigel T Packer

After 23 years working in electronics, production and mechanical engineering fields, Nigel has spent the last 18 years working in the field of business development specifically on the internet.

Being at the start of the digital economy, Nigel has adapted and applied the principles of business development to the rapidly changing scene of the internet. With it the creation of new business models that work for clients had been his objective.

An author and digital business speaker his book “How to Get a Website that Works for your Business” has helped hundreds of SME business owners understand the principles of online success.

Today Nigel runs a digital consultancy PelaTis Online Ltd an independent eBusiness consultancy working with retail, manufacturing and service businesses. His insights and understanding of the way the internet works and the direction it is going in makes him the go to consultant for online business success.

If you are looking for a business speaker for your event…  Get in touch by completing the contact form phoning 01639680248


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