Selling Refrigerators to Eskimos.

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We have all heard the expression, and there are other metaphors out there, “So good, they could sell refrigerators to Eskimos”.

If we were all that good, then there would be no issues for businesses to grow their sales and increase their profits.

Alas, we are not all good sales people, but why is this, why is it that some are just brilliant, and others fail, drifting from job to job looking for the next break.

I worked recently with a client who had a sales team of 6. The Team was dedicated and worked hard to get new customers for the company.  They would be on the phone every day contacting potential clients hoping to get passed the gatekeeper and reach their desired contact.

When they achieved their goal of speaking to the correct contact, they would go through the script to try to make sure they got to the point that the recipient would ask for a proposal.  After many failures, the sales people would get disillusioned and their motivation would reduce dramatically.

I asked them about the people they were trying to contact and asked if they get many sales calls in their homes after work?  They all said that they were often rude to the sales people and would often hang up immediately.  I pointed out that those sales callers were just trying to do their job like them.  Had they ever considered what the reaction of the people who they were calling every day would have the same issues.

Types of buyer

In sales there are 4 types of Buyer.

  • Type 1 – Those who know what it is called and want the product or service.
  • Type 2 – Those who want your product or service but don’t know what it is called.
  • Type 3 – Those who don’t realise they want your product don’t know it exists and don’t know what it is called
  • Type 4 – The people who if they were to find out about the product or service do not represent the customer as they would never buy it because of age, interests or circumstances.  Not everyone wants to buy your product or service.

In this metaphor – Eskimos are predominantly type 2 and 3 buyers.

With all the ice around them why would they need a refrigerator? What would compel them to buy a device when they lived in a cold store environment?

The subject is one of great interest, to those who understood the way they live, would also understand why they would need a refrigerator in the particular climate conditions they live in.

This was the theme of a recent presentation I made to a group of technologists and digital marketers.  They were so engrossed in the wonderful data and information they were getting from all the technology; they had forgotten the fundamental issue of selling.

People Buy from People

In many cases the websites and digital footprints made by companies to encourage sales are based on the analysis of data gathered from the customers they have.  Technologists and coders enhance the message with cleaver technology that invariably distracts the buy form their purpose of task.  This is all based on one particular type of buyer.

When the webpage owner tries to cater for all types of buyer, then the message becomes generalised, often inadvertently rejecting or confusing the people they seek to convert into customers.

In over 20 years carrying out our website audits we have seen thousands of websites that have inadvertently created blockages and barriers that frustrate buyers. Sending potential buyers running away to competitor websites where they complete their tasks and make their purchases.

You are not the customer

As a business owner you know what your business is about.  The products, services and offerings that you make to your potential customers to you are straight forward. But you have the privilege of prior knowledge.  Your customers do not, they are not gifted with your prior knowledge as they may never have come across your products, services or operations of your business.

For you it is easy, but have you ever tried to remember what it was like when you did not know?

These are your potential clients.  They do not know and if you want to convert visitors to customers you have to put yourself in their position.

In recent years we have been delivering the website audits and guiding our clients through this process to help them develop briefs for their web builders.  The resultant websites have delivered much better results with just a little consideration on the customer.  The people you want to convert from visitors to your website to buyers.

Resolving your website selling issues

If you are having problems with poor results from your website, contact PelaTis Online for a website audit.  Issues can be identified with external, expert knowledge, helping you make the small changes to convert visitors into paying customers.

Email or phone 07989300264

Who is Nigel T Packer?

If you ask Google Voice search Who is Nigel T Packer the voice will reply:

“Nigel T Packer is a digital business strategy consultant and author who, for over twenty years, has used his extensive knowledge and broad range of experiences to engage and educate businesses and audiences across the UK, Europe and the United States.”

Nigel has been delivering presentations on a wide range of topics relating to “Doing business online” for 20 years, engaging and educating audiences across the UK, Europe and the United States.

His insights and knowledge have been shared in books articles and videos, resulting in respected recognition as a “Go to guy” for digital business advice and guidance.




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