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Networking for Business Contacts – A new Business Book

Over the last few years whilst attending networking events, I have been questioning, listening and observing others network.

Many have been excellent, and others have taught me a lot about the process of building a network of business contacts that sustains my business, PelaTis Online.

There is a growing group of new to business networkers who have been visible by their awkwardness, fear and trepidation at many of the events.  Standing in the back with their cup of coffee wondering why they are there.

It started me thinking about my first experiences after starting in full time self-employment and I soon realised that it is hard for me and others who network regularly, to understand what it is like to not know.

The look of terror on an individual who is called to give a 60 second stand up on what their business is about and what they are looking for.  The fear when you approach them and the fumbled handshake.  The sweaty palm and dropped card as they try to manage holding a cup and saucer, shake hands and dig in their pocket for a business card whilst quickly swallowing the last remnants of a curled-up bacon butty.

Its only Networking!

In any activity if you want to be good then you need some guidance or training.  So many think “it’s only networking… everyone can do that.

But think about it.  Where do you go? What do you say? What are the conventions and more so. What are you supposed to do with all those business cards?

In today’s online focused, non-contact world of business, many of those new to business and younger people have never been to a business event and are unfamiliar with the protocols and etiquette associated with face to face interaction.  I have been surprised by how few know how to shake hands.

For those companies who are recruiting young employees and sending them out to network and get sales it is a shame that they do not consider giving a day’s training to their young wards. Helping them to develop into skilled networkers and provide them with the confidence and knowledge to interact with potential clients and influencers effectively.

The book – Networking for Business Contacts

For the last 9 months I have been structuring and writing a guide for those who want to get networking right and make the most of this tried and tested activity to grow their businesses.  The book is a self-help guide, enabling those new to business to get the handle on networking and answering the questions that are always present.

Working through the 4 P’s of networking Prepare, Participate, Pursue and Propagate. Networking for Business Contacts takes the reader on a journey of learning.

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About the Author

– Nigel T Packer

Nigel T Packer is a consultant, business speaker, trainer and author of: ‘How to Get a Website that Works for YOUR Business’. He has spent the last decade compiling his research and developing this forthright guide to getting the best out of networking as a strategy for building a sustainable business.

Buy the book Networking for Business Contacts now and start your journey to networking success.

Business Networking Training

Is your sales team using Business networking effectively?  Are your executives reluctant to network for business contacts?  Get them all working in the same direction with in-company training.

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