Love your Website in 2017

Love your website

Love your website in 2017

In the run-up to Christmas many of us have been shopping for gifts for the family, customers and business associates, we have even been giving gifts and putting on celebratory parties for our employees, those who make our businesses sustainable, profitable and successful. 

At this time of giving, have you thought about your website?  When was the last time you had a good look at it? When was the last time you gave it a present?

The work your website should be doing for your business?

A website should be a receptionist, an advocate, an advertisement, a sales person, a lead generator, a networker, a public relations promoter, a messenger, a catalogue, a technical brochure, a customer service representative, a contact medium, an entry point for your business, a reflection of your business to the wider world.

So why do we see the clear majority of the websites on the internet failing the businesses they represent.  Poor spelling, waffle, outdated information, irrelevant information, old news, and hard to find contact details?  Is your website representing your business or is it helping your competitors?

We have a website… the job is done, isn’t it?

This seems to be the mantra of so many business people with a website.  They pay the web builder and then think the job is done for many years. 

Like all good things your website needs a little love and care if you want it to contribute to the overall business development.

So, as you settle down to the giving, sharing and love of the festive season, give a thought to your business website. 

What can you do in 2017 to make your website work for your business?

Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit

Find out what is stopping your website visitors from engaging or buying from your website.  Recommendations from a CRO Audit can improve conversion rates by up to 500%

Search engine optimisation

Make sure your webpages are in front of your customers when they search for your products or services online.

Website planning

Planning a new website in 2017?  Don’t hope it will work for your business – plan for it to work for your business.

Website promotion

Choosing the right medium to reach your customers online is as important as a good website.  Planning your website promotion takes away the guesswork.

Digital Skills Training

Do you want to win in 2017.   Learn the practical digital skills that will make it happen.

Follow the links and give PelaTis Online a call January 3rd to discuss your websites New Years present.  Make your website work for your business in 2017. 


Love your website.

About the author

Nigel T Packer

After 23 years working in electronics, production and mechanical engineering fields Nigel has spent the last 18 years working in the field of business development specifically on the internet.

Being at the start of the digital economy, Nigel has adapted and applied the principles of business development to the rapidly changing scene of the internet.  With it the creation of new business models that work for clients had been his objective.

An author and digital business speaker his book “Getting a website that works for your business” has helped hundreds of SME business owners understand the principles of online success.

Today Nigel runs a digital consultancy PelaTis Online Ltd an independent eBusiness consultancy working with retail, manufacturing and service businesses. His insights and understanding of the way the internet works and the direction it is going in makes him the go to consultant for online business success. 



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