Digital Marketing Skills Training

The digital marketing curriculum team at Pelatis Online have spent the last 25 years learning and using all the techniques for internet marketing. From digital customer experience to search engine optimisation and social media.

You could spend the next 25 years getting to this level or you could talk to our training development team who will create a bespoke course for you, and your sales and marketing teams. Cutting out all the mystery and dead ends of failed strategies.

Speak to our practitioner trainer Nigel T Packer to discuss your digital skills training needs.

Digital Customer Experience Training

Bespoke training for company teams

When it comes to finding products or services, your customers are going straight to search to find what they are looking for.

If your marketing and sales teams are not focused on the digital journey of those customers, you are loosing  potential sales to your competitors.

Unify your teams by giving them digital marketing skills  geared to your targets.

Contact Pelatis today and stop loosing customers and sales. 

Internet marketing training

As an individual, you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing. 

Improve your digital skills by studying with PelaTis Online. 

Our Tutor led, live online training courses, cover all the essential aspects of internet marketing from customer acquisition to selling and follow up.

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Digital Customer Experience Training

Digital customer experience training

Without customers, you do not have a business.  This is a fundamental truth for anyone in business.

For 25 years the team at PelaTis has led the way in digital customer experience. From understanding the digital customer journey to buyer personas and using the knowledge to direct Search Engine Optimisation, Content marketing and social media marketing.  

Our courses start with understanding your customer and finish with social media campaigning.  Check out our digital customer experience training courses and contact Pelatis Online. Let us put your digital skills training course together. 

Search engine optimisation training SEO

Findability is essential for your business.  You have invested in your digital assets, your new website is live  and you still cannot be found.

Help potential customers find your products and services through search. They want what you are selling because they are looking for it. 

Learn SEO with PelaTis Online.  Our courses are designed from first principles. Guiding you to SEO excellence and more customers. 

Content marketing training

From your website content to articles you publish on your blog, if the message does not stimulate your readers you will fail to get them engaged.

Understanding your customers, where they are on their buying journey to their intent. These are a few of the items on your learning journey that are covered in our content marketing courses.

Contact Pelatis Online to discuss your content marketing learning journey. 

Social media marketing training

Social media marketing is your access to broadcasting to your audience. 

Starting with audience building the Social media training course teaches you haw to leaver your followers to buy your products and services.

Contact PelaTis Online to discuss your social media training skills course.