Website Planning


Website Planning

Website planning starts with a set of objectives from you and what you want to achieve for your company.

From here you need to understand your customers and the way they engage with the internet and why they are looking for your products or services at this moment in time.

By identifying their tasks and the pathways they take to reach your website it is possible to design your new website to meet their needs and help them on their journey to task completion.

Website planning is an involved process that should be carried out before any contact with a website builder.  It is your business and they are your customers so give it the time and thought to ensure success.

PelaTis Online specialise in the development of website plans. From the initial meeting to the research and the development of a strategic action plan we provide the knowledge and facilitate you and your team.

What is the website planning process?

During a series of immersive sessions with key members of your team we facilitate the meeting to identify your online business objectives, go through the range of products or services that you provide, identify the customer groups that purchase from you, why they purchase and build personas for each group.

From this information we work with you to determine the customer’s tasks and routes to task completion.

Author an online business development action plan for implementation with realistic timelines to work to.

At the end of the Website planning stage of the process a Website Design Brief can be developed for tendering and direction when selecting a suitable web building company.

Taking Control and Growing your business online

With over £2.16 billion (2015) of consumer spending done online every week in the UK it is the most productive high street available to manufacturers and retailers.  Do you want to be in a dark unlit section where no one can find you or do you want to be at the heart of the retail quarter?

Take control of your online business and make your website work for you.

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