Custoemr journey mapping training
Plotting the customer journey enables you to visualise their journey. Identify barriers and the content that you can provide to aid their progress.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

We all take digital journeys  from the discovery stage to purchase by completing a series of “click steps” – the equivalent to walking from your home to the shops. 

Mapping the digital customer journey and creating visualisations of your customers transition from discovery to purchase to company advocate, ensures a better customer experience and higher sales conversions. 

This one day, bespoke Customer experience mapping course is designed to give your teams the latest techniques and skills to map your known and unknown customers and the stages of their journeys.  


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Why your company and teams need this course?

By mapping the customer journey you create a visualisation of that journey for your teams to understand the difficulties your customers experience when travelling from the discovery stage to the purchase stage of their journey. 

Understanding the customer journey, it is then possible to engineer a more compelling journey that attracts the customer to your website shop.

Knowing your customers in this detail makes the job of creating content, offers and broadcast/advertisement  messages more effective.

Winning more customers, pushing up sales and increasing profits. 


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Nigel T Packer and his professional services to anyone seriously interested in advancing their business and understanding of current digital trends and how they are shifting the way we think, act and communicate.

Course outline

At the end of your Digital customer journey mapping course  you will have added the following knowledge and skills to your professional abilities.

  • Understand the concept and process of Digital Customer Journey mapping.
  • Plotted your first Customer Journey map.
  • Learned to identify blockages and barriers in the journey that kill of customer engagement.
  • Make adjustments to the journey to increase the information scent that draws the customer to your website.
  • Understand the emotional journey of the customer as they progress at each step of their journey.
  • Apply your learning to all the products and services provided by your company.


The workshops Nigel delivered were thorough, informative and, above all, thought-provoking. He had made us all gain different perspectives on our daily tasks and approach them with renewed energy and point of view. 

Who should attend this course?

If you are involved with in lead generations and sales then this course is made for you.

The skills that you will learn will give you the edge in directing potential customers to your professional services and digital e-retail shop.

  • Marketing teams
  • Sales teams
  • Marketing strategy specialists
  • Social media  teams
  • SEO specialists

Although not essential it is suggested that delegates should have knowledge of Personas and scenarios before attending this course. Please look at the personas development course for further information.


Nigel’s extensive experience in this field, and his easy, relatable manner of delivery, make for a very engaging combination, and a very successful one, working seamlessly for a number of people of various backgrounds and positions within a company.

Your next step

Your next step in upskilling your teams is to contact Pelatis Online. 

We can sort out your learning needs and put together a bespoke training course for Digital Customer Experience Journey Mapping.

Complete the form below and get your teams working for your business and your customers.

Note: The top image is one of a series of prints from Sarah Hopkins entitled Journey.


Nigel came highly recommended and he is undoubtedly a leading expert in his field. His training programmes are tailored to your needs and are results focussed. The training is extremely enjoyable which is down to Nigel’s engaging personality.

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