Croud of people who are your customers

In the digital customer journey you do not see your customers.  What are they thinking and what is their emotional journey to your checkout?

Customer Experience Skills Training

Customer experience is  the defining differentiator for online business success.

All business sectors are faced with the increasing issues in the digital self-service environment that the customer must journey through.  From discovery to research, purchase, and receipt. Each stage presents distractions, barriers, and obstacles, that if left unresolved will result in the potential customer’s journey being stopped. Losing the first sale for the company and the potential lifetime income from that person and those they communicate their disappointment with.

Training Marketing and Sales teams.

Are you and your team up to speed with your customers? Are they familiar with your ideal customers and can they imagine themselves as a customer? Have you got Personas of your important customer groups, what they buy, why and what is the journey they take to your products or services?

For over 20 years Pelatis have been training company teams and individuals in the digital environment.  Helping those teams develop the essential skills that smooth the customers buying journey to their webshop.

All Pelatis Online training courses are bespoke.   Developed to resolve the knowledge gaps in the company’s teams.  At the end of each training program, the team is at the same level of competence and working toward the objectives of the company.  They are also empowered to progress through their new understanding of the processes and techniques that will help them grow in confidence and skills.

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“Nigel’s advice and guidance have been at times crucial. But more than this it is his ability to understand you, your customers and your market that makes everything tick”.

“Nigel T Packer is an excellent trainer who provides quality training courses in Customer Experience for the members of our federation. His knowledge of the subject is vast and his enthusiasm, helpfulness and friendliness ensures good learning outcomes for all learners on his courses”.

Customer Experience Training Courses

Customer Experience Optimisation

The better the customer experience getting to your web business, the greater the chance customers will buy.
This three day intensive  course is designed to give you and your team the skills to optimise your customers digital journey. 

Creating Customer Personas

If you do not know who your customers are, how can you engage them.

This is a one day interactive course to give you, your marketing and sales teams the skills to develop personas of your ideal customers.

Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey to your online business is littered with barriers, distractions and emotions.

The Customer Journey mapping skills course will help you create Customer Journeys that will excite  and motivate potential customer to your office and web shop.

Customer Focused Content Creation

If your broadcast content is not focused on the customer, they will not engage and journey to your website. 

This is a one day course to acquire skills in focused content writing for marketing teams and in house content writers.

Creating Touch Points

Social media is for broadcast, providing touchpoints for new customers.

This course is designed to give your teams the skills to capture potential customers as they engage with your company in the discovery stage of their customer journey.

Customer Focused Keyword Analysis

Powerful Search engine optimisation starts with the language of your customer. 

This one day course directs you through the processes of finding the right keywords that bring your customers to your online shop or business. 

Digital Networking

The move to video meetings has dramatically changed the way we conduct business. 

Exhibitions, seminars and business events have moved online as have business meetings.

This one day course puts you and your sales team on track to become effective Digital Networkers.

Employability 2021

Executive and professional Job opportunities are broadcast online. Your application for those jobs and the subsequent interviews are digital.

This one day course will enable you to set up a powerful online profile, apply for jobs and learn the etiquette of video interviews.

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Due to Covid and restrictions on face-to-face training sessions, all current courses and training delivery is done via online conference platforms.

Most popular platforms are Zoom, Skype, Teams and Google meet.  If you prefer to use your own system, then please speak to Pelatis.

Training sessions are interactive from the beginning.  We do not teach you we facilitate your learning. 

Each online session will last 3 hours with a break of 15 minutes where you will be given a thought challenge. Sessions will be spaced out with activities for you to carry out before the following session. 

By the time you have completed the program you will have the structure of your own work ready for implementation.

Your Customer Experience Trainer

Nigel T Packer facilitates your learning. He delivers practical transferable knowledge, which he draws from many years of  working g in the digital environment running his  customer experience optimisation consultancy He is one of those rare practitioner trainers who’s depth of knowledge and experience enables him to address the broadest questions and scenarios from learners.

25 years of working in the digital arena, his courses offer insights and practical solutions to the problems that face e-Retailers, Business to business and professional service organisations.

In his training delivery he ensures the delegates are grounded in base principles as the building blocks of doing business online. 

Applying this knowledge and extensive practical understanding of how people use the internet and the psychology of engagement in conjunction with the changing habits has helped his clients increase their sales and enquiries to dramatic effect.

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