Business Conference Speaker

Dynamic, Experienced, Flexible Conference Business Speaker

Presentations from short, punchy and point-making sessions of 10-15 minutes, to one-hour or more (and of course whole-day seminars or workshops).  Perhaps it’s a conference presentation, keynote speaker or contributor to an expert panel.

Business conference Speaker Nigel T Packer on stage presenting Customer Experience journey mapping at TEDx
Business conference speaker and Digital customer experience trainer

Engage, Educate and Entertain.

These three elements are core to Nigel delivery.  Over the last twenty five years he has  presented at business conferences for his consultancy business and on behalf of professional organisations all over the UK.  From Falmouth to Norwich, Kent to Glasgow.  internationally in Europe from Paris, Rome, London, Lisbon, Budapest, Belgrade and Sophia.

At all levels and to all types of audience: as a visiting lecturer at universities, on behalf of business support organisations, to business networking groups, membership organisations, professional or industry bodies and not-for-profit and charities.


After 23 years working in the electronics, production and mechanical engineering fields, Nigel has spent the last 22 years working in the field of business development and innovation specifically on the internet. You can be sure that he really knows his stuff.

Being there at the start of the digital economy, Nigel has adapted and applied the principles of business development to the rapidly changing scene of the internet.

With it the creation of new business models that work for clients has been his objective.

Business conference speaker Nigel T Packer on stage presenting digital Customer Experience journey mapping
Business conference speaker Nigel T Packer on stage presenting Internet marketing to a business audience

In Demand

As a Conference business speaker, Nigel T Packer has been in demand across Europe. Speaking at multiple business conferences in 10 capital cities, and across the UK from Glasgow to London to Cardiff and many points in between. He has inspired hundreds of business people to re-evaluate their websites and turn them into business drivers.


A successful business author, his book: “Getting a website that works for your business,” has helped thousands of small and medium business owners understand the principles of online success.

Today, Nigel runs a digital consultancy:  PelaTis Online Ltd

Pelatis is an independent eBusiness consultancy working with retail, manufacturing and service businesses. His insights and understanding of the way the internet works and the direction it is going in makes him the go to consultant for online business success.

Business conference speaker Nigel T Packer delivering a training presentation In Manchester United Conference centre


In his TEDx talk, Nigel explores the importance of “Walking in the shoes of your Customers”. 


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