Digital Customer Experience Audit

Digital Customer Experience Audit.

What do you hate about websites? Digital Customer Experience Audit presentation on stage with Nigel T Packer
“If you don’t know what is wrong with your digital assets, you cannot resolve digital customer experience issues.”
Nigel T Packer Digital Customer Experience specialist, trainer and speaker.
Nigel T Packer
Senior DCX adviser

Why have a digital customer experience audit?

Think of your experience as a customer, the websites you visit on the internet that make your life difficult.  You cannot find the information you need, the prices are missing, or it is very difficult to find the contact details and location of the company.

Have you ever considered that your website and digital assets are doing the same to your customers? Driving them away from your business to your competitors checkouts.

From your website to your social media profiles, posts and online advertising, each digital touchpoint you publish for your customers is part of their journey to your checkout/enquiry form. 

Are these touchpoints working for you or pushing customers away?

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Who do you want as customers?

A simple question but one that will determine the accuracy of your interactions with your customers. Defining who they are and what they are looking is essential.  Be it purchasing food and clothing or booking a holiday. 

Design the journey they what to take.  

Classic campervan VW
"From the very first question, we knew we were with the right people. We went from a forgotten campsite to fully booked in a year. "
Finding white space in a Meadow
Cresswell Barn Farm
"The content of our digital customer experience report was filled with insights we had not considered. The recommendations were actioned, making a significant difference to our conversion rate."
Matthew Fox
CEO At Sky Tail Ltd.
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Whats in your report?

Using specialist Digital Customer Experience tools, a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge, we analyse the journey your customers take across your organisation’s internet footprint. 

Your Digital customer Audit report will contain all the information and action points required to put your digital business on track with your customers.

Win more customers by delivering better Digital Customer Experience

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