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About PelaTis Online

Pelatis Online

PelaTis Online Ltd is a small team of experts from the fields of online business strategy; search marketing and website promotion; social media strategy; user experience; design; and visual communication.

PelaTis is the Greek word for “customer” the essence of our work with you.  PelaTis Online is just that – by understanding your online customers and their purpose in seeking out your products and services we are able to determine their purchasing journey, facilitate the re-engineering of your website and digital assets. Making your customers’ journey to task completion a positive experience.  This increases your conversion rate helping you to a more successful business.

What We Offer

To save you time reading the hundreds of things we have skills in to help your business online we have put it into three broad categories.

Digital Customer Experience Training

Digital Assets

From your website to your social media profiles and much more. Through a range of audits and bespoke procedures we identify your online business needs. Talk to us about your digital journey.

Digital Customer Experience Training

Digital Legwork

This is the the biggest part of any project, learning everything about your products and services, business goals, and customers.


Whether it is a website, SEO, social media campaign or multichannel digital strategy. Pelatis Online has the team to deliver your project.

Our Expert - Nigel T Packer

Nigel T Packer is a Digital Customer Experience Consultant and Trainer. He is also an author and business speaker. For over twenty-six years he has used his extensive knowledge and broad range of experiences to engage, educate and entertain business audiences across the UK, Europe, and the USA.

His subject expertise includes digital customer experience optimisation, digital customer experience journey mapping, e-Business strategies, effective website development, and International digital business strategy. He heads a consultancy practice: PelaTis Online Ltd.

His career started in electronic engineering working with others in the development of orthopaedic stimulators, breathalysers, and voice recognition software.

In his late 20’s he moved into production and mechanical engineering learning the skills of business growth through innovation and invention.

In the mid 1990’s, through Nigel’s innovation and design, his employer was granted 7 patents for reusable packaging systems.

In 1999, Nigel started his current career path, observing the opportunities in the new internet age.

He has worked with many international, national, and local companies helping them transform their business models to the internet age.

He is currently writing a new book on Digital Customer Experience Optimisation.

Business conference Speaker Nigel T Packer on stage presenting Customer Experience journey mapping at TEDx

Nigel T Packer - Educator

As a trainer Nigel T Packer delivers practical transferable knowledge, which he draws from his day to day running of Digital customer experience optimisation and engagement for his business clients.

Over 30 years of working in the digital arena, his courses offer insights and practical solutions to the problems that face e-Retailers and professional service organisations.

In his training delivery he ensures the delegates are grounded in base principles as the building blocks of doing business online.

Applying this knowledge and extensive practical understanding of how people use the internet and the psychology of engagement in conjunction with changing habits has helped his clients increase their enquiries and sales to dramatic effect.

Our Missions and Policies

Like all businesses these days, we have a mission and various policies. 

To make the internet easier for people to use, learn from and undertake the fundamental activities of life.

As a child in the early 1970’s access to knowledge to write essays for school work, was via the library.  For our founder, it was a 45 minutes trip on the 58 bus to the centre of town followed by a 15 minutes walk across the centre to the Library.

The day was spent looking for the information from reference books and copying it out on a note pad.  Diagrams and images had to be drawn out if we wished to illustrate our work.  Information gathered a return journey on the bus to get home.

After a hearty tea, the work on writing the essay for school  would then have to be completed.  Reading our notes and crafting the story ready for submission to the school teacher.

Today we have the internet, which whilst much easier and quicker than those halcyon days of the last century, is filled with poorly constructed websites, badly spelled content and poor customer experience.

Environmental Policy

Having done the calculations, Pelatis Online Ltd will be Net Zero by 2050. 

In the meantime, we will, as we always have, make the smallest impact on the planet as is possible.

Please note: Our calculations, based on our current age and familial histories, indicate that we be dead.

Equal Opportunities

We give everyone the opportunity to do business with us.

We will treat you as you treat us, with curtesy, respect and  Understanding. 

To assist in all matters of helping your business develop on the internet, we may at times need to discuss subjects that may cause offence. We trust that you will behave in a mature way regarding these areas of business as we do.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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