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About Pelatis Online

PelaTis Online Ltd is a team of experts from the fields of online business strategy; search marketing and website promotion; social media strategy; user experience; design; and visual communication.

PelaTis is the Greek word for “customer” the essence of our work with you.  PelaTis Online is just that – by understanding your online customers and their purpose in seeking out your products and services we are able to determine their purchasing journey, facilitate the re-engineering of your website and digital assets. Making your customers’ journey to task completion a positive experience.  This increases your conversion rate helping you to a more successful business.

Specialised generalists

We see ourselves as specialised generalists, also described as T-shaped people.  Having a principle skill-set and specialism but also bringing a broad range of experience in other, sometimes unrelated, fields.  This is complimented by a strong empathy that engenders the ability to have insights from many different perspectives and recognise patterns of behaviour that can be applied to other situations.


Everyone in the company, and everyone we work with, has a minimum of a decade of experience of working with the internet. Our experience of websites, of users, and of research, strategy development, and implementation have put us at the forefront of the industry, ensuring high-quality professional and independent advice for our clients.


The knowledge and advice that underpins our practice and products is never based on opinion, always on: industry standards, research and currently acknowledged best practice.  We deliver this knowledge by doing the work “For you”, “With you” or we can “teach you” how to do it.


Trainers and Presenters

All of our trainers and presenters are practitioners and experts in their own fields with years of proven experience.  Their skills enable them to understand and answer your questions with clarity.


We often function as a temporary part of our client’s team or sometimes as an external who brings an independent, objective viewpoint; whichever is most appropriate to the given situation and brings the best advantage to your business goals.


We try to be a completely bureaucracy-free company, the focus is on excellence in what we do, achieving the best possible outcomes for you – our clients, not on paperwork or office politics.


We operate a high moral and professional code: always looking at the long-term benefit and never employing short-term, quick-fix techniques that might produce a result immediately and be detrimental to your long-term business success. A high proportion of our work is remedial, and always mindful of our clients’ confidentiality, we never discuss specifics of a project with a third party.

Making a difference

Our company policy is to only take on a project where we believe we can make a significant difference to the website and its impact on your business (and ROI).